Fun Mixology Activities - Bachelorette parties

Experience the fun bachelorette party mixology class with a professional instructor in a classy Boston cocktail bar. Learn to make 3 different and delicious cocktails, shake and mix your own drinks.

Over the course of this engaging bachelorette party activity we will look into the secrets of the Mixology. At our private classes you'll learn to prepare your own cocktails allowing you to become fully immersed in this exciting world.

   Locations - downtown cocktail bars

   Group Size - 6 girls per booking

   Frequency - daily classes


bachelorette party mixology class Boston
bachelorette party mixology class Boston


Mobile Classes - Boston.

Cocktail making activities at your location, book here!

Mixology Classes At Our Bars

mixology class at Boston bars

Proud to offer our Shake ‘n Roll mixology classes for bachelorette parties in Boston specially tailored to your exact requirements. Book this fun filled bachelorette party activity perfect for the girls at our cocktail bars downtown Boston with some of the best mixologists around.

Minimum group size is 6, hosted daily from 1pm to 6pm.

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Mixology Classes At Home

boston mixology class

Cocktail making activities for bachelorette parties at home in Boston. This is a perfect way for a group of girls celebrating a bachelorette weekend in Boston to start of their night. Your group will have a short introduction to explain some of the basics tools and techniques used to make cocktails before getting started.

Minimum group size is 8, hosted daily from 1pm to 10pm.

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