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Standard Classes


Cocktail Classes - Boston

The perfect activity for bachelorette parties in Boston and birthday parties - mixology classes. Behind the bar the expert mixologists will teach the group the secrets of cocktail making, what cocktails you make you can drink, or let your friends try your special mix.

Our cocktail making classes in Boston are a great way to learn to shake like a pro, with as much or as little involvement as you’d like.

  Bachelorette Parties - Fun classes in cocktail making

  Birthday Parties - Cocktails & dreams, what else!

  Open Classes - Every Thursday, feel free to walk in

Classes Pricing

Private Classes popular $70

Groups of 6 or more, sale tax and gratuity at %18 not included.

Private Class $80

Groups of 4 to 6 participants, sale tax and gratuity at %18 not included.

Open Day $65

Mixology classes open to the general public, walk ins welcomed. Sale tax and gratuity at %18 not included.

Couples Classs
Downtown Boston

Couples Classs

Bowling? Done that. Cinema? Been there. Cocktail making as a date night activity? Hmm...sounds interesting. Check out the link below for further details!

Mobile Classes
house parties

Mobile Classes

Mixology classes from the comfort of you home/hotel/office. We come to you fully equipped with glasses and equipment, rates start from $70pp plus gratuity.